Tuesday 30 October 2012

Sir Viv vs the forgotten demon

Othelloesque. What I love is that Viv is clearly struggling, clearly past his best - but his swagger's even more exaggerated - for once it really looks like he's desperate to show he's not scared. And you get this sense - just for a flash - that behind all the great innings there was a whole load of bullshit and bluster, that actually he was just as scared as everyone else. I love the little narratives the game produces.


  1. Good stuff. I can't remember Duncan Spencer, did he get the yips and disappear as suddenly as he appeared?

  2. Nah, back injury. Moved to Aus to become a personal trainer, got caught taking nandrolone (most likely because of the injury) then tried to come back in 2005 but it didn't happen for him. Fair to say he'd have been some bowler if he'd stayed fit.

  3. A brilliant find, Alan, and one which took me right back to the day. Everyone was just thinking about Richards and nobody could believe it when this bloke no-one had heard of came along and bowled some of the fastest stuff anyone had seen for years.

    It's easy to forget that this was a few years before Shoaib and Brett Lee came through and the great West Indians (save Ambrose, Bishop and Walsh, mainly) were fading or gone. So people weren't used to seeing pace like that.

    A day for the ages.