Saturday, 14 July 2012


Well, I have played a couple of games. On one I got to open the batting on a flat pitch, and got out LBW for 30-odd, because I keep drifting across towards middle stump as I get more confident to flick straight balls away to leg, and sort of gradually lose track of where the stumps are, so I was out to one hitting middle I initially thought was going down by a mile.

This I did earlier in the season in a game and I was so annoyed about it I didn't even blog the match, because it was one of those golden chances to make a ton that come along very infrequently. It's the sort of little technical problem you can easily sort out when you're playing a lot, but not when you're hardly playing at all, and I haven't been this year. Have also played one other game, scored 17* and bowled really badly.

Nothing more to say, because really there isn't - it would be blogging for blogging's sake. And I don't have much to say on the professional game at the moment, either. Due to this being the worst summer ever in terms of weather and due to the fact I'm SO busy with work, I've kind of given up on cricket for a bit. Let's see what August brings.

However, we do have something to write about, and what's more, we got paid to do it. So, my review of a book on cricket and international development. Here it is. Interesting subject, badly written book, sadly.

Oh, and I met Gordon Greenidge (along with Mohammad Yousuf, Saqlain Mushtaq, Henry Olonga, Wasim Jaffer, Lou Vincent, and a load of others). And made a tit of myself.

2012's not going well in cricket terms, is it?